About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley, I am currently a heater–hugging Wisconsin resident, who is excited to move to sunny Dallas Texas summer of 2019, Yeah!! I am a mother of twin girls, I am married to a Turk, and I couldn’t decide whether to cook American dished or Turkish, so I smooshed the two together.

I’ m the Household CEO, Family Law Enforcer, Doll Doctor, and yeah… I like to joke around a lot… It’s nice to meet you.

My Approach to Food

My approach to food consists of whole foods with a halal twist. The term Halal simply means permissible in Arabic, it’s an Islamic practice. There are many dynamics to following a halal diet–it is similar to Kosher foods, but it has a set of standards different enough to have its own lifestyle.

Because of this religious standard,  you will never see certain ingredients in my dishes like pork, alcohol, vanilla extract (which contains alcohol), and animals that have been machine-slaughter. With that being said, I try my best to create dishes with minimal ingredients from a Mediterranean base or a healthier version of classic American dishes we all crave.

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