How to cook Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a winter squash. It has hard skin (shell) and seeds. The flesh, which may be removed from its shell before and after cooking has a sweet flavor, nutty aroma, and contains a stronger flavor than summer squashes (yellow crookneck or zucchini). 

How To Prepare:

Acorn is rarely eaten raw; it can be sauteed, baked or steamed. It is also delicious pureed for soups, pie fillings or into a creamy mash. Its peak season is October through March. 

How to Store:

Some fresh vegetables are best stored when the temperatures are cool–anywhere between 40°F – 60°F ( 4°C and 16°C). Some vegetables, like onions, potatoes, winter squash, shallots, and garlic should be stored in a separate refrigerator, however, most people do not have a separate refrigerator so storing them at room temperature in a dry area with good ventilation. A basket with holes would be perfect. 

Fun fact: Greens and other delicate vegetables should be stored away from apples, tomatoes, bananas, and melons –as they attend to give off a great deal of ethylene gas. 

A Quick Procedure for Roasting or Baking

How to Make Vegan Acorn Squash

• Wash the acorn squash. 

Caution–it is really hard to cut Acorn. Start by slicing it down the center creating a safe and flat surface to continue cutting. Place it flesh side down and cut thick rectangular pieces. Removing the thick exterior skin is optional.

• Season the vegetables and rub or toss with oil and spices. Oiling the squash can helps it to brown and become nice and crispy around the edges. 

• Place squash in a baking pan or dish and bake in a preheated oven until done. Baking time differs depending on the size. 

Tip: If is not ripe, it may have trouble browning. By seasoning it with a sweetener like honey or agave nectar may make the squash brown better.

How to Make Vegan Acorn Squash

There are so many ways to incorporate Acorn squas into your recipes. My favorite way to eat it is with my Fall Acorn Squash Egg Bake.

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How to cook acorn squash