About Me

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Hi, I’m Ashley, welcome to Posh Plate. Take off your shoes and stay awhile:). A little bit about me; I am a mother of twin girls, I am married to a Turk, and I’m a Doll Doctor, yeah… I like to joke around a lot… It’s nice to meet you.

My Approach to Food

My approach to food consists of whole foods with a halal twist. The term Halal simply means permissible in Arabic, it’s an Islamic practice. There are many dynamics to following a halal diet– and lifestyle.

Because of this religious standard,  you will never see certain ingredients in my dishes like pork, alcohol, vanilla extract (which contains alcohol) instead I use vanilla powder. Also, I do not eat animals that have been machine-slaughter. With that being said, I try my best to create dishes with minimal ingredients from a Mediterranean base or a healthier version of classic American dishes my family craves.

What kitchen appliance do you swear by? 

My Vita-mix. It’s my baby and I talk to her :). I tell her things like ‘you are so talented at what you do. Do you know what you mean to me?’ and ‘baby you can turn metal bolts into powder.’ Love her! And yes, she is a girl.

I hope you find recipes that you love and want to make over-and-over again, just like my family. Don’t forget to leave comments. Talk soon.